Expand Your View of What a Mirror Can Do


The new Kenworth Digital Mirror System improves T680 Next Generation fuel economy by up to 1.5% and enhances driver visibility by providing a clearer and wider view around the truck – during the day, at night, and in inclement weather. The large high-def interior displays put the mirror view image in an easier-to-see position keeping the driver's eyes closer to the road. Technology innovations allow you to track your trailer around a corner or while backing – through any driving environment.

Mirror Features

• Up to 1.5% fuel economy benefit with smaller mirror design • Auto camera defrost under 43°F • Painted or chrome mirror shells

Mirror Cameras

• Driver Side - Rear view camera • Passenger Side - Separate rear view & lookdown cameras • Infrared sensors to support night vision • Hydrophobic camera lenses repel water, ice and dust ensuring clear view

In-Cab Displays

• High definition displays, 12.3" Driver Side, 15" Passenger Side • Blind spot reduction • Auto adjusting brightness • A-pillar mounting position keeps the driver's eyes closer to the road

Vision Enhancements

• Automatic active trailer tracking with end-of-trailer markers • Infrared night vision • Clear inclement weather vision using hydrophobic camera lenses

Display View Options

• Traditional view with rear and convex view • Panoramic view combines rear + convex at full screen size • Expanded view combines panoramic + look-down view (passenger side)

Door Controls & Display Selector

• Quickly toggle between physical and camera mirror control • Same joystick control for view adjustment • On-monitor menu buttons allow for menu selection and display adjustment

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