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With an eye on maximizing uptime, while improving communications for fleet customers, Kenworth has announced plans for an all-encompassing program that includes personalized customer care, and a web portal with connectivity to their Kenworth support team, instant access to product information, truck performance data, service history, and maintenance information.

“We’re aiming to set a new industry standard for customer care and support,” announced Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. “We have established the foundation and we’ll be building out a comprehensive program throughout the year.

According to Baney, Kenworth has a long history of building custom trucks to meet the exact needs of customers. “Our breadth of products and options have long led the industry – building the right truck for the right job has been our mantra,” he said. “We’re now bringing that ‘customized’ approach to support after the sale, and that will allow our fleet customers to integrate more closely with Kenworth. We are committed to building relationships that last a lifetime to ensure the success of our customers.

“We started this journey by expanding the services offered by PACCAR Parts’ 365 Center,” said Baney. Earlier this year, the 365 Customer Center, which provides 24/7 roadside assistance and service scheduling, began offering personalized service event monitoring to our customers driving faster completion of repairs and improving visibility to repair status.”

“The results have been outstanding,” said David Danforth, PACCAR Parts general manager and PACCAR vice president. “Through the team’s dedication and diligence, we have reduced repair times and connected with our customers on a personal level. We also added a Vehicle Support Center to our 365 Center suite of services giving the 365 Customer Center immediate access to mechanics with over 250 years of experience. Access to these key technical resources expanded the support we provide drivers.”

One of the keys is having an integrated network of Kenworth experts available 24/7 providing personalized support to our customers, said Baney. “This way, managing the fleet with Kenworth will be streamlined and customized to each customer’s specific needs, making doing business easier than ever before. We are partners in the success of our customers.”

The overall management of a Kenworth truck will take place through a centralized portal expanding upon current PACCAR Solutions and PACCAR Parts 365 Center Total Customer Care applications. “This will be a single portal to manage repairs, by truck, from cradle to grave, access vehicle performance analytics, and connect with a personalized support team,” said Baney.

“Behind the scenes, an innovative use of technology will proactively alert the support team of customer needs before they contact us. This new technology enables us to quickly jump in and help our customers reducing down time. What’s more, we envision our customers being able to access driver training to better utilize features on our trucks. And for technicians, there will be product specific tutorials, along with YouTube videos to visually aide in performing maintenance and completing repairs on their trucks," he said.

According to Baney, the portal will also provide access to Kenworth engineers who can help dealers and customers optimize a truck’s spec for the customer’s specific business need. “The more we understand about our customer and their business, the better equipped we are to build a truck personalized to increase our customer’s success,” he said.

“This portal will be the one-stop site for complete management of our customers’ Kenworths,” said Baney. “Along with dedicated, personal support for our customers, it’s a combination that will give our customers not only the World’s Best trucks, but the World’s Best service.”

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