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Woody Bogler Trucking Drives MPG with New Kenworth T680 52-inch Sleepers

Last summer, Woody Bogler Trucking in Rosebud, Mo., purchased two of the first production Kenworth T680s with the new 52-inch mid-roof sleeper for its regional hauling operations. Spec'd with the PACCAR MX-13 engine, rated at 455 hp, and driven through an Eaton® UltraShift® Plus 13-speed transmission, the fleet's T680s are pulling end-dump trailers with full-load bulk products.

Woody Bogler1

Kenworth T680 52-inch Sleeper

"We had standardized on the Kenworth T660 because of the great fuel savings we were achieving," said Tracy Bogler, president of Woody Bogler Trucking. "We were getting four-tenths of a mile per gallon better with the T660s and PACCAR MX engine over the other trucks in our fleet. Then Kenworth came out with the T680 52-inch mid-roof sleeper. Now I'm hoping for even bigger savings."

Tracy Bogler

Tracy Bogler, president of Woody Bogler Trucking

With 16 new T680 mid-roof sleepers operating in the fleet, Bogler said some of the new Kenworth trucks are getting over 8 mpg, with an average of 6.8 mpg across the entire fleet of 142 trucks.

Woody Bogler2

"I'm making the T680 mid-roof sleeper our new standard going forward," said Bogler. "It's a good truck and drivers love it. I have 55 more T680s on order this year."

With the upcoming order, Bogler changed only one spec, from 6 x 4 to 6 x 2 rear ends, for only one live axle instead of two. "I hope we'll see even more fuel improvement," said Bogler. "Fuel efficiency is top priority for us."

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Excellent Regional Haul Performance


Drivers have had plenty of time to appreciate the amenities of the T680 mid-roof configuration. "They like the bigger, wider cab and extra roomy space between seats," said Bogler. "They like the extra headroom. Mostly they like the way the T680s handle and drive. PACCAR MX-13 engine power is good, and visibility is excellent with the shorter hood."

Attracts Top Drivers

Bogler acknowledges that it's easier attracting and retaining good drivers when operating a fleet of new Kenworth trucks. "Drivers like Kenworth T680s and T660s, and that's helped with driver retention," he said. "Kenworth and PACCAR MX engines are as good as they come. As far as reliability goes, we've been running the PACCAR MX engine since 2011 and my drivers appreciate the power. I doubt that I could get any of my drivers out of those trucks now."


PACCAR MX-13 Engine

Along with excellent fuel efficiency, driver comfort and reliability, Bogler depends on his Kenworth dealer - MHC Kenworth - Springfield in Missouri - for service and support after the sale. "I work with MHC to spec my trucks, to do whatever we can to make it the best truck in terms of fuel economy and weight. Our Kenworth dealer stands behind its trucks, and they stand behind the PACCAR MX-13 engine. That kind of support is real important to us."

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