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Kenworth Launches T680 Advantage Day Cab, Offers Up To 6 Percent Fuel Economy Enhancement

Kenworth Truck Company today announced the introduction of the fuel-efficient Kenworth T680 Advantage Day Cab for pickup & delivery and regional haul operators.


The new Kenworth T680 Advantage Day Cab features an optimized powertrain that includes the 2016 PACCAR MX-13 engine or PACCAR MX-11 engine and the Eaton Fuller Advantage™ series 10-speed automated transmission, combined with fuel-efficient Meritor MT40-14X drive axles rated at 40,000 lbs., Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant, Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control, Kenworth Neutral Coast, and Flow Below™ wheel covers.

The Kenworth T680 Advantage Day Cab also includes aerodynamic treatments designed to further reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy. The featured enhancements are a front air dam, roof cap “bulb” seal, lower fairing extensions, lower fairing closeouts, and FlowBelow™ wheel covers.

“We’ve leveraged some of the key fuel-efficiency optimization specifications and special aerodynamic treatments on the Kenworth T680 Advantage 76-inch sleeper – our most fuel-efficient truck – and brought them to the day cab market,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing manager. “Customers who purchase new T680 Day Cabs will receive real-world, fuel economy benefits from these specifications and key aerodynamic features designed to help maximize operating efficiency.”

Altogether, the T680 Advantage Day Cab offers up to a 6 percent* fuel economy benefit compared to a non-optimized Kenworth T680 Day Cab with the previous generation of PACCAR MX-13 engine, Eaton Fuller automated transmission, and standard drive axles.

For driver retention and recruitment, the T680 Advantage Day Cab offers a design that optimizes comfort and provides an excellent drivers environment. Drivers appreciate features such as the 2.1-meter wide quiet cab, adjustable advanced suspension seats with climate control, air-assisted hydraulic clutch, ergonomic dash, easy-to-use Driver Performance Center, and LED interior lighting.

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