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Shaun Mason: "Transition Trucking – Driving for Excellence" Finalist

This is the third in a series of four feature news releases on the Four Finalists for the “Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence” award.

For Shaun Mason, the idea of becoming a professional truck driver began at an early age.

“One of my earliest childhood memories growing up was receiving a toy semi-truck from my grandmother,” Mason recalled. “I remember it being one of my favorite toys growing up. When I was a kid, I wondered what it would be like to drive a semi and travel the country. Whenever I saw a truck pass by, I’d signal to the driver to pull his horn. I thought being a driver would be a cool job.”

Shaun Mason

While the toy semi-truck may have been lost in time, Mason’s interest in heavy duty trucks never waned. After serving 25 years in the U.S. Marines and Army, Mason is now living out his childhood interest and is behind the wheel of a Class 8 truck.

Mason is an independent contractor for Prime, Inc., and one of four finalists recently named for the Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence program. The program is dedicated to finding America’s top rookie military veteran driver. Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence recognizes top drivers who have made the successful transition from active duty to driving for a commercial fleet.

For the fifth consecutive year, Kenworth has teamed with the FASTPORT Trucking Track Mentoring Program and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Program. Kenworth will provide The Driver’s Truck™ -- a Kenworth T680 -- as the program’s award to this year’s winner. The T680 features the complete PACCAR Powertrain with a PACCAR MX-13 engine, PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission, and PACCAR 40K tandem axles, and includes a 76-inch sleeper equipped with the Kenworth Driver’s Studio package of options providing the ultimate premium living environment.

Kenworth T680 with PACCAR Powertrain

According to Mason, he wasted no time in his transition from retiring from the Army in April to signing on with Prime, Inc. So far, Mason is finding his new career path in the transportation industry to be a good fit.

“As a driver, I’m seeing new places every day and I get the opportunity to travel all over the country,” said Mason. “Driving is a peaceful experience for me. When I was in the military, I served 10 combat tours, so I’ve seen and endured a lot. When I’m on the road, I’m able to relax and reflect on my time in the military. I’m also able to plan out my goals in this industry and beyond, and how I can achieve them.”

On the road, Mason is seeing many of the skills he gained while serving in the military transition to his new career as a professional driver. “The military taught me a lot of life skills that are applicable for civilian life and in my career as a driver,” he said. “One of those skills is how to work as a team and be a true team player. That’s a skill that comes into play all the time as a driver. Whenever I see a driver that needs help securing a load, backing into a parking spot, or whatever it is a driver may need, I’m always willing to lend a hand.”

Working in Prime’s flatbed division, Mason’s goal in the transportation industry is to one day own and operate his own heavy-haul company. If Mason is selected as this year’s Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence award winner and receives the Kenworth T680, it will put Mason years ahead of his goal to own his own company.

“Just to be nominated for this program is such a humbling experience,” said Mason. “I’m so proud to be named a finalist and have the opportunity to become an owner-operator. Even if I don’t win, I know the Kenworth T680 will go to a very deserving fellow veteran. There is a lot of opportunity for me in the industry, and I look forward to the road ahead.”

The Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence award winner will be announced in December. For further information on the “Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence” award program, visit

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