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Early Adopters of PACCAR MX-13 Engine Reaping Benefits with Kenworth Trucks

"It's the company you keep."

That's the straight up answer to a straight-up question that was posed to Robbie Wood, owner of Robbie D. Wood Trucking, which runs 140 trucks out of Dolomite, Ala. 

"We run Kenworth trucks and know PACCAR very well. We've always received a great product and had it backed with great service from our Kenworth dealer (Truckworx Kenworth)," Wood said. "And we know the excellent reputation of both Kenworth and PACCAR.  We've seen it and lived it first hand.  So, when the PACCAR MX engine was first introduced three years ago, we made the decision to give it a try."


From left, Robbie Wood, owner of Robbie D. Wood Trucking in Dolomite, Ala., and Will Bruser, president of Truckworx Kenworth in Birmingham, Ala.

According to Wood, it's been a great decision.  "We're now into our third buying period with Kenworth and the PACCAR MX engine, the latest being the Kenworth T680 with PACCAR MX-13.  It's what we're now standardized with as both have proved their worth to us."

Looking at bottom line results, Wood said the Kenworth T680 and PACCAR MX-13 engine have given him a full mile per gallon gain in its dry van fleet.  "Our best driver has been averaging 7.8 mpg," he said.  "But our fleet average is 7.2 mpg, and that's a big difference over the 6.2 mpg we were getting with another aerodynamic model, coupled with different engine manufacturer, and moving down to 12.9 liter from 15.  Doing the math, that means an extra $11,000 in fuel savings per truck."

For Greg Evans, equipment maintenance manager for Ecology Auto Parts based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., the PACCAR name and reputation, coupled with an up-close inspection of a torn apart engine, gave him the confidence to move forward with the new engine in 2010.  "We run a large fleet - 550 trucks, the majority Kenworths (purchased through Inland Kenworth)," he said.  "For our T800s, which are used as end dumps, roll-off units and flatbeds, we've now standardized on the PACCAR MX-13 engine and we're into our fourth round of purchasing."  


Greg Evans is equipment maintenance manager for Ecology Auto Parts based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Evans said he clearly remembers visiting Kenworth's R&D Center in Renton, Washington, and seeing the PACCAR MX engine and its parts laid out on a table.  "I was impressed with what I saw and what I heard.  I could see how this engine was designed to last beyond a million miles.  Plus I knew the engine platform had been used in Europe for years, and it had been thoroughly tested here. It gave us the confidence to move forward and I'm glad we did.  It's been a great business decision," said Evans.

According to Evans, the company is a big believer in oil analysis.  "The early engines we purchased all are very, very clear in oil analysis, showing the engines are really working well," he said.  "They've been very reliable and we expect them to last beyond what was advertised to us."


Both Evans and Wood agreed that a quality engine is part of the engine equation.  The other is dealer and manufacturer support.  "We've gotten that through PACCAR engine group and Inland Kenworth," said Evans.  "We've always had a good experience with them from the truck side, and we've gotten that from the engine side as well," he said.  "I can't tell you how nice it is to just go to one location for all our work.   It makes life easy."


"Exactly," agreed, Wood.  "We have an excellent relationship with Truckworx Kenworth and their support and dedication to us gives us a great comfort level that we can go to one shop and get things done.  It simplifies everything."

"That's one reason we've had such great interest from customers on the PACCAR MX-13 engine," said Will Bruser, president of Truckworx Kenworth.  "One-stop shopping makes service easier for our customers, plus we're totally sold on the performance of the engine.  It's lighter in weight, gives great mpg's, and performs well with great torque.  Close to 90 percent of the engines that are spec'd from our dealership in the 13-liter range are being spec'd PACCAR MX-13.  And repeat customer orders are just as strong. That tells us something."MX-13

PACCAR MX-13 Engine

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