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Kenworth T680 with PACCAR MX-13 Engine Demonstrates Company’s Commitment to Drivers

When Halbersleben Trucking chose specifications for its new Kenworth T680s, the focus was to provide drivers with the best equipment and the specifications needed to deliver comfort and safety.  

“For us, it’s all about the drivers,” said Rich Halbersleben, managing partner of the Salt Lake City-based fleet. Before starting his company 14 years ago, he worked at a grocery hauling company and learned that it was essential to provide its drivers with comfortable and reliable equipment.

When drivers started working there, they enjoyed the work they did and felt valued by the company because of how they were treated, Halbersleben said. And that had a direct impact on the quality of customer service. He never forgot those lessons and vowed to incorporate them into his company’s operation.

Halbersleben Trucking hauls a variety of different freight in dry van and refrigerated trailers across the continental United States, with a focus on the Western United States and Upper Midwest regions. Its fleet of 60 trucks, predominantly Kenworth, includes 20 Kenworth T680s with 76-inch sleepers, PACCAR MX-13 engines and Eaton Fuller Advantage™ 10-speed automated transmissions. The T680s were purchased from Kenworth Sales Co. and put into service over the past two years.

Driver Phil Dilcox enjoys the comfort and convenience of his Halbersleben Kenworth T680.

While Halbersleben has been pleased with how well the Kenworth T680s and PACCAR MX-13 engines have performed for drivers, he also has another good reason to be pleased with them – fuel economy performance. The T680s have delivered an average increase in fuel economy up to 50 percent compared to the fleet’s long-nose conventional trucks that they replaced. At the current $2.25 price per gallon of diesel, Halbersleben estimates his company saves about $40,000 in monthly fuel costs.

“That kind of fuel economy improvement is certainly quite satisfying,” he said. “Still, keeping our drivers safe remains our number one priority. Our second priority is providing them a comfortable and productive work environment.

“We are very lucky to have the people we have,” he added. “Without good motivated drivers, I know we couldn’t provide our customers the quality of service they’ve come to expect from us. We picked the Kenworth T680 and chose to equip it with specs we know will improve not only our fuel economy, but also the work environment of our drivers.”
Company drivers Phil Dilcox and Marcus Moore both truly appreciate the driver comfort features of their Kenworth T680s, which are spec’d with the Kenworth Diamond VIT interior, Kenworth GT702 driver seat, wide and restful 42-inch by 80-inch mattress, sturdy fold-out table, microwave and Kenworth’s factory-installed drawer-style refrigerator/freezer.

For Dilcox, the T680’s microwave and refrigerator/freezer have allowed him to better plan his meals. As a result, Dilcox noted that he was able to change his eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle, losing 30 pounds and improving his overall health.

He said he also appreciates the T680’s roomy interior, comfortable driver seat, and quietness inside the cab. “Not a lot of companies provide their drivers with trucks like these. It shows me that Halbersleben cares about me on a personal level and that makes me feel good about driving for this company,” he said. The PACCAR MX-13 engine and the ease of using the 10-speed automated transmission are also great for Dilcox. “The pain in my shoulder from an old torn rotator cuff disappeared, since I didn’t have to shift as much with the automated transmission,” he said.

Halbersleben driver Marcus Moore operates this Kenworth T680 with 76-inch sleeper and PACCAR MX-13 engine, and says, "You couldn't pry me loose from this truck."

Moore, who recently began working for Halbersleben, also values the PACCAR MX-13 engine. “The PACCAR MX-13 engine is so much quieter than other 13-liter engines I have driven,” he added. Moore said he wasn’t sure what to expect with his new Kenworth T680. But after having driven it 46,000 miles since June, averaging about 3,000 to 3,300 miles per week, Moore said he loves it.

“You couldn’t pry me loose from this truck,” he said. “When I am stopped overnight and I have the windows closed, I can’t hear anything outside. And that, combined with the comfortable mattress, really helps me to get my rest. And I love the headlights on the T680. They couldn’t be better for driving at night because I can clearly see what’s on the road. That’s important with all the wildlife crossing the road where we drive.”

Moore and Dilcox said when they drive the Kenworth T680, they both feel a sense of pride in being Halbersleben drivers. “Other drivers notice the trucks we’re driving,” Dilcox said. “I routinely get stopped and asked questions about it.” Moore agrees. “I couldn’t imagine wanting to work in any other truck.”

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