W900L Limited Edition

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ONE OF 100 for the Kenworth 100th Anniversary

A true legend in trucking, the Kenworth 100 Limited Edition W900L celebrates the heritage and history of Kenworth’s last 100 years. A total of 900 serialized trucks bring unparalleled exclusivity and collectability.

Limited to 900 Trucks

Each W900 Limited Edition will have a serialized badge stating which truck in the line of 900 your truck is - making it perhaps the most unique of any Kenworth special edition truck.

Optional Centennial 3-Color Paint Design


Click the links below to explore the unique Kenworth W900L Limited Edition available in extended day cab, 72" flat top or 86" studio sleeper options.

Kenworth 100 Threshold Badging

Know you are entering something special.

Exterior Sleeper Badge

Sleeper badge applied to both driver and passenger side of sleeper.

Sleeper Sofa Bed

Driver and Passenger Seats

Each Kenworth 100 seat is marked by a Kenworth 100 woven label.

Kenworth 100 Exhaust Shield and Sun Visor

New Hood Badge

Kenworth 100 Wheels and Century Paint Collection

The Kenworth 100 Wheels in Durablack or Polished Aluminum are available for all Kenworth trucks, as is the Kenworth Century Paint Collection in Century Black Red Metallic, Century Platinum Metallic, Century Red Metallic and Century Gold Metallic.