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Kenworth Delivers 5,000th Milestone Kenworth Truck To Melton Truck Lines

TULSA, Okla., July 30, 2019 - In a special ceremony at Melton Truck Lines, company Chairman and CEO Bob Peterson received the keys to a new 2020 Kenworth T680, representing the 5,000th milestone Kenworth truck purchased by Melton Truck Lines.

From left, are Melton Truck Lines executives Russ Elliott, executive vice president and chief operating officer; Jason Cruce, director of maintenance; Robert Ragan, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Jeff Robinson, senior vice president of maintenance; and Bob Peterson, chairman and CEO.

“This is a special moment for Kenworth, MHC Kenworth – Tulsa and Melton Truck Lines as we reflect on an important relationship that has been established with Bob Peterson and his staff. The number 5,000 is daunting when you consider that truck No. 1 – a Kenworth T600 – was delivered to Melton many years ago,” said Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing, who presented the new T680’s keys to Peterson.

“We thank you for your business on behalf of Kenworth; your dealer, MHC Kenworth – Tulsa, and the entire MHC organization; and our Kenworth Chillicothe (Ohio) plant employees who build your trucks. We take pride in the quality of our trucks, and we have that same pride when we look at Melton Truck Lines. We look forward to continuing to support the Melton team and delivering many more Kenworth trucks to come," said Baney.

During the ceremony, Peterson was joined by Melton’s Robert Ragan (executive vice president and chief financial officer); Russ Elliott, (executive vice president and chief operating officer), Jeff Robinson (senior vice president of maintenance); Jason Cruce (director of maintenance), Bradley Bournes (warranty and outside repair supervisor), and veteran driver Sam Hill. Kenworth participants also included Laura Bloch (general sales manager – West) and Tom Platts (fleet sales director).

Representing MHC Kenworth were Tim Murphy (executive chairman), Ken Hoffman (executive vice president), Bryan Murphy (executive vice president), Jeff Johnson (chief financial officer), Charlie Anderson (vice president) MHC Kenworth Oklahoma/Arkansas; and MHC Kenworth – Tulsa’s Dennis Adamson (branch manager) and Warren Bryning (new truck sales manager).

From left (front row) are: Russ Elliott, Melton executive vice president and chief operating officer; Laura Bloch, Kenworth general sales manager – West; Ken Hoffman, MHC Kenworth executive vice president; Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing; Dennis Adamson, MHC Kenworth – Tulsa branch manager; Jason Cruce, Melton director of maintenance; and Jeff Johnson, MHC Kenworth chief financial officer. From left (back row) are: Robert Ragan, Melton executive vice president and chief financial officer; Jeff Robinson, Melton senior vice president of maintenance; Tim Murphy, MHC Kenworth executive chairman; Bryan Murphy, MHC Kenworth executive vice president; Charlie Anderson, MHC Kenworth Oklahoma/Arkansas vice president; Bob Peterson, Melton chairman and CEO; and Tom Platts, Kenworth fleet sales director.

According to Peterson, the historic milestone truck is a little hard to believe for someone who began his career as a company truck driver for CFI in 1985 – behind the wheel of a Kenworth T600. CFI was the first fleet to take a T600 delivery that year.

“I don’t think I could have dreamed that I’d be standing here – nearly 35 years later – with the 5,000th Kenworth under my ownership,” Peterson said. “But, I knew back then I wanted to become a fleet owner. I went to work for CFI and Glenn Brown, who was the CEO. He was my mentor and good friend. I started as a driver to understand the business, and in 1989 I formed GlasTran and was the proud owner of a glass hauling company with 30 leased trucks. The first trucks I bought were Kenworth T600s – 10 of them from MHC Kenworth.”

This Kenworth T680 76-inch mid-roof sleeper – equipped with the PACCAR Powertrain – is the milestone 5,000th Kenworth truck for Melton Truck Lines.

Peterson purchased Melton Truck Lines in 1991 and continued to grow with Kenworth and MHC Kenworth. Melton Truck Lines has been a leader in the flatbed industry for 65 years. Melton serves customers from coast-to-coast – as well as in Canada and Mexico. “Over the years, we’ve operated all the Kenworth fuel-efficient, aerodynamic models – such as the 1,400 Kenworth T680s we run today – and they’ve kept improving,” said Peterson. “The positive way our drivers have viewed Kenworth has never waned. We have always spec’d the trucks nicely and the fleet age averages less than two years old. I would not have our drivers in a truck that I wouldn’t want to drive myself.”

ABOVE: Melton Truck Lines was presented with a special painting – commissioned by MHC Kenworth - representing the long history of the company’s Kenworth trucks. From left are Ken Hoffman, MHC Kenworth executive vice president; Bob Peterson, Melton Truck Lines chairman and CEO; and Tim Murphy, MHC Kenworth executive chairman. The Kenworth trucks in the painting are, from left, T660 72-inch Aerodyne sleeper, T680 76-inch sleeper, T680 76-inch mid-roof sleeper, T680 52-inch mid-roof sleeper, T600 72-inch Aerodyne, and T2000.

BELOW: From left are Melton Truck Lines executives Jeff Robinson, senior vice president of maintenance; Robert Ragan, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Bob Peterson, chairman and CEO; Jason Cruce, director of maintenance; and Russ Elliott, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

For MHC Kenworth – Tulsa, the long history with Melton has been rewarding. “We appreciate the long-standing partnership with Melton Truck Lines and the continued opportunity to support its fleet,” said Charlie Anderson, vice president of MHC Kenworth Oklahoma/Arkansas. “They rely on us to provide unparalleled service from inspection to on-time delivery and everything in between. The relationship is built on trusting the quality MHC Kenworth has provided throughout the years, and we are honored to celebrate the dedication of Kenworth’s landmark truck with them.”

The 5,000th Kenworth T680, spec’d with a 76-inch mid-roof sleeper, features the complete PACCAR Powertrain with a PACCAR MX-13 engine rated at 455 hp, PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission, and PACCAR 40K tandem axles. The T680 is specified with Kenworth TruckTech+® Remote Diagnostics and driver comfort features include the stowable upper bunk, auxiliary bunk heater, drawer-style refrigerator and freezer, and television installation package. Melton was among the first fleets to put the fuel-efficient T680 to the test upon its introduction, and the T680 quickly proved itself to the company’s management and drivers.

“It is a special honor and exciting to be assigned to this milestone truck,” said Sam Hill, who has been a driver with Melton Truck Lines for nearly 10 years and is nearing 1 million miles driven for the company. “I love Kenworths and I’m looking forward to getting this new Kenworth T680 out on the road.”

“When I started our little company, I carried on my relationship with Kenworth and MHC. I’ve always liked the way both have conducted business. MHC Kenworth – Tulsa is responsive and does everything you could expect from a dealer. And, the people at Kenworth have been great to work with over the years.”
Peterson said it is the symbiotic relationship, which has led to so many years of history with Kenworth. “We’re important to each other,” he said. “And that’s the way it should be. But ultimately, you also have to look at the metrics, and we do. It’s the sales price and resale value, fuel economy and vehicle weight, cost of maintenance, and how drivers respond to the truck. If Kenworth didn’t come out at the top of the class, we wouldn’t be here to celebrate this milestone.”

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