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Kenworth Continues Improving Fuel Economy

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., October 17, 2015 - Engineers at Kenworth are never at rest, and continuous fuel economy improvement is always front and center. Thanks to Kenworth aerodynamic advances coming for 2016, customers purchasing the Kenworth T680 Advantage with 76-inch sleeper, T680 52-inch sleeper and T680 Day Cab will benefit from enhanced fuel economy.


Kenworth T680 Day Cab, 52-inch Sleeper and 76-inch Sleeper

To start, all three T680 configurations now offer fuel-efficient wheel closeouts. Furthermore, each will benefit from additional unique enhancements.


Kenworth T680 Fuel-Efficient Wheel Closeouts 

On the 76-inch sleeper, Kenworth has further refined fairings on the T680 Advantage Package.  To better direct airflow around the trailer, Kenworth has developed a “kick-out” partial fairing. “The contour of the lower fairing improves airflow around the trailer for enhanced fuel economy,” said Kevin Baney, Kenworth chief engineer. “The new design also provides for an optional under-sleeper fuel fill. This allows fuel tanks to be moved forward and reduces trailer gap and wheelbase. Plus, with that added room, customers wanting to install their own APUs can do so behind the sleeper and kick-out fairing.”


Kenworth T680 "Kick-Out” Partial Chassis Fairing


For the Kenworth T680 52-inch sleeper and Day Cab, Kenworth engineers have brought the T680 Advantage aerodynamics package to those configurations.


“That includes refined aerodynamic components on the front of the tractor to further enhance airflow. Our new Advantage air dam directs air out and around the vehicle, instead of under the bumper, to improve airflow,” Baney said. “An extension to the lower fairing shortens the gap to the ground to minimize air turbulence.” The T680 52-inch sleeper also will utilize new sleeper corner caps to extend the side extenders all the way through the corners of the sleeper, minimizing drag, Baney said.

The Kenworth T680 Day Cab also receives the same T680 Advantage aerodynamics package with refined aerodynamics components.  Kenworth also engineered a new roof cap “bulb” seal for the Day Cab. “It actually goes a long way to improving aerodynamics. We’ve quieted the airflow in the gap between the top of the day cab and roof fairing,” Baney said.


“The T680 is Kenworth’s most fuel-efficient truck and the industry leader. Now, customers can benefit from our enhanced fuel economy efforts, whether they choose a 76-inch or 52-inch sleeper, or a Day Cab,” concluded Baney.

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